[Feature Request] Foursquare Groups

On 21st and 22nd of December last year (2013) we had the annual trip of my work place. Many of my colleagues are heavy users of smartphones and social media, and it was only natural of them to want to check in to places we visit on Foursquare and tag all the others who are in the trip in the check in. However, there was a big problem.

The Problem

Each time I needed to check in to a place, tagging all my friends, I had to select all of them one by one. It was a headache to tag all of them every time I check in to some place in Foursquare, so I gave up the idea of tagging others and I just checked in myself.

The Solution

If Foursquare had an option to create groups of people, I could add all the people who were going in the trip once and then tag that group when I check in to a place. That would automatically check in all the people in that group as if I manually selected them one by one.

These Foursquare groups doesn’t have to be permanent like Facebook Groups, Twitter Lists, or Google+ Communities. I would just delete the group I created for the trip once it is over. Foursquare may introduce permanent groups that are similar to above mentioned counterparts in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But clearly there have to be a temporary option as well, because people we travel with in a trip don’t always be a member of our permanent groups.


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